Design & CAD/CAE

Dynamics is time. Time is money.

Leading engineering organizations invest heavily in advanced multi-physics modeling tools. Such tools give them vital information and competitive leverage. Now, in order to enjoy the full potential of their technological leap, they need to infuse the acquired knowledge into the core of the design process. And this is where Algoryx Simulation’s add-in for CAD and CAE systems stands out from the crowd. Our add-in drives the power of our state-of-the-art multi-physics simulation API right into the creative center of the product development effort, making it agile, confident and brilliant. Others brought multi-physics simulation to the right place, we bring it to the right time.

Dynamics for engineering artistry

Traditional high-end multi-physics tools are often aimed towards very advanced users. Specialists, that have thorough training in the software, and enjoy a strong theoretical bent. Here, the user typically investigates a carefully selected set of mechanical scenarios and pays much interest to the numerical output of the system.


Automatic contact generation in Algoryx Momentum

Algoryx Simulation’s add-in represents a different approach. It enables anyone, specialist or not, to quickly and interactively explore a wide range of more or less critical mechanical scenarios and gain a very good understanding and feel about the properties of their design. Here, looking into the mechanical behavior of the design is a most natural and integral part of the design process; as natural and accessible as combining individual parts into an assembly to see how they fit. The speedy feedback from the software, immediate visual results (animation and plotting) combined with an exceptionally intuitive and interactive user interface allows the user to get a very valuable intuitive and factual understanding of their virtual model.

We think that anyone who designs multi-body and physics systems would greatly appreciate and benefit from the very powerful, responsive and inspirational motion simulation tool that Algoryx Simulation’s add-in is.

Most of the modern engineering community has gone from 2D to 3D modeling. Algoryx Simulation’s add-in offers a very appealing and important step from 3D to 4D modeling (time being the fourth dimension). It allows any engineer to effortlessly take real mechanics into account, and use it to her/his full advantage.

OEM licensing AGX Dynamics for CAD/CAE

Algoryx Momentum is empowered by our high performance physics engine AGX Dynamics. AGX Dynamics is also fully available for third party OEM licensing and integration into third party products.

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