Heavy equipment

Heavy machine and vehicle manufacturers rely on simulation feedback at an early stage in the product cycle. Simulations have been an essential tool in product development during a long time. Algoryx can not only help you drive your vehicle and all its components in a realistic environment for training, we can also assist in simulation during product design.

Engineering simulations

AGX Dynamics contains modules for simulating heavy machines and vehicles, powertrains, hydraulic systems with ground interaction as well as the ground itself – all in the same simulation. Algoryx will help you create a straightforward pipeline from your CAD models to your prototyping simulation. AGX Dynamics can help you during all stages of your product cycle.


AGX Dynamics will deliver real physics for every component in your simulation.

Power your training simulators

Use AGX Dynamics for your real time application. AGX deliver superb precision even for simulations running at 60 Hz. Collision detection combined with modules such as powertrain, hydraulics, tires, deformable terrain, wires etc makes AGX Dynamics the most complete solution for heavy equipment simulator dynamics on the market.

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Real time simulators and virtual prototyping of heavy vehicles

Saving energy and time is important both in the car and truck industry. Optimize fuel and power consumption with simulations. Co-simulate with your existing powertrain simulations or use the AGX Powertrain and Tire model to test your next generation suspension system.


AGX Dynamics contains a powertrain module which allows you to simulate the driveline of your vehicle. Motor, clutch, gearbox, torque converters etc. that give your simulation full realistic behavior already in the design process, providing you with the possibility to evaluate new ideas at an early stage.


Need more than just rotating wheels? AGX can simulate your drive train components.


Vehicle dynamics can’t be simulated with only mechanics and articulated joints. Simulating heavy vehicles also requires hydraulics. The Hydraulics module simulate hydraulics system based on your specifications. The tight integration with the mechanics allows for perfectly stiff systems even in real time. For more information, see the complete feature set of AGX Dynamics.


Simulate and analyze the pressure and performance of true hydraulics.

Ground interaction

Whether your vehicle only drives on asphalt, or if it goes off-road, wheel dynamics and ground contact are crucial elements when evaluating vehicle performance. The tire model in AGX Dynamics allows you to create realistic vehicle models. With the terrain module, you get deformation and compression of the ground, all in real time.

AGX can simulate differentials

Use the AGX deformable terrain to analyze vehicle behavior on any ground.

Suspension & steering

Model the suspension system using joints from the AGX Dynamics constraint framework. The elasticity and damping can be controlled for each degree of freedom individually. Use the real masses, inertia tensors and material parameters, found automatically from the cad models. AGX Dynamics can handle any complexity of a jointed system.

Dynamics for the virtual construction site

At Algoryx we can help you with simulating many aspects of vehicles in a construction site. Our solutions has successfully been used for simulating excavators, wheel loaders, cranes, fork lifts and even drilling equipment. With the AGX Dynamics technology accurate specifications for mass, torque, tension etc. can be used which allow you to focus on the scenario and leave the dynamics to us.

Bucket interaction

AGX Dynamics allows for real time simulations of a bucket in a training simulator or during evaluation of use aspects such as visibility. For engineers, the granular simulation module in AGX Dynamics can also be used to evaluate new bucket designs or whole vehicle concepts.

Bucket pushing soil

Virtual excavation and ground preparation is useful during both through the design process and for operator training.

Optimize fuel consumption

Use AGX Dynamics to simulate your vehicle in energy and operation optimization.

Optimize automation

Take control of the energy consumption by analyzing the work cycle.

Earth moving

The earth moving module allows for simulation of deformable terrain including wheel tracks and compression of the terrain. Handle soil during dig-, flatten- and push operations.

Earth moving

Handle dirt, ore or some other granular material.

Crane and cargo handling simulations

With Algoryx Momentum your CAD model of a crane can be imported directly into a AGX Dynamics simulation, including properties such as collision geometries, mass, inertia tensor, constraints and motors.
Together with our world leading wire module, your crane design can be simulated including accurate wire behavior. With the FMI/Simulink interface, your controllers can be used together with our dynamics simulation.

Flexible boom

To be able to represent a real system in the simulation, all degrees of freedom must be simulated. Define your virtual crane boom in a way so that it is just as flexible as in the real world. Full control of the material properties like Poisson’s ratio and Young’s modulus for bending/shearing and stretching.

AGX can simulate differentials

Need to take boom deformation and wire tension into consideration?


With the AGX Dynamics wire module, winches can be simulated, including breaks and motors.

AGX include hydraulics

Winches are of course included in the AGX wire package.

Wire simulations

AGX Dynamics is becoming the de facto standard in the offshore simulator industry. The wire simulations by Algoryx have been used for more than half a decade. Accurate real time wire simulations for heavy lifting with ensured stability and exact tension measurement.


Make sure you have wires that will hold. Use AGX wires!


More and more crane operations are automated today. Safety, speed, accuracy are key values for a crane operator. This requires intelligent crane controllers. With our Simulink and FMI interface, your PID controllers can be coupled to the dynamic simulation of the crane. This is made possible because of the accurate dynamic simulations in AGX Dynamics.

AGX include hydraulics

AGX is perfect to use when tuning your control systems.