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Playing with with Algodoo is engaging and fun. With simple draw-and-click editing you can build and interact with physical objects exploring the real world. Build and play with rigid bodies, fluids, chains, gears, gravity, friction, springs, hinges, etc. Interact by click and drag, tilt and shake. Use color traces, graphs, forces, etc. for enhanced visualization.

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About Algodoo

Algodoo is an easy-to-use drawing tool empowered by physics simulations. Everything you draw can come to life! Making use of the same core technology as in AGX Dynamics, Algodoo is designed and developed to be both educational and entertaining.

As the number one software for creating interactive physics simulations, Algodoo is the perfect tool for learning, exploring, experimenting and laborating with real physics. The Algodoo software is designed and optimized for future classroom solutions like 1:1 computing, interactive whiteboard systems and other modern technology. Also including content like lesson plans, pre-made scenes and tutorials, making Algodoo both easy to learn and use.

Algodoo in research

There are more than 700 papers published about Algodoo.

If you use Algodoo in scientific research, please cite the following paper:
Gregorcic, Bor; Bodin, Madelen: Algodoo: A tool for encouraging creativity in physics teaching and learning. In: The Physics Teacher, 55 (1), pp. 25–28, 2017.

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Algodoo is FREE for Windows and Mac, and also available in the Apple App Store for iPad and Mac.
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