Real Physics Simulations – Fast

Simulator training

Accurate multibody system dynamics simulation with contacts and friction are at the foundation of effective transfer in virtual operator training for heavy machinery. Algoryx delivers that and more, including non-ideal joints and motors, flexible objects, terrain, hydraulics, engines and more, all in real-time.

Virtual prototyping

The virtual workbench shortens the design-test-deploy cycle needed for experimental and adventurous conception of machinery. Combining powerful CAD software with high fidelity, fast simulated mechanics makes this a reality. With material flow simulation on top of this, the potential for reward is great.

Machine learning

Developing autonomous systems or tuning controllers requires vast amounts of reliable and accurate simulated data. This data must be feature rich and true to the laws of physics, including those no one likes, and produced fast. Algoryx delivers fidelity and speed, leading to reliable transfer.

Our products

Algoryx AGX Dynamics logo

The core product is AGX Dynamics, a  physics engine. To spell it out, it is a multibody dynamics simulation library capable of handling frictional contacts, as well as fixed-step integration at interactive rates and even real-time.

Based on the core product, Algoryx Momentum is a plugin for the SpaceClaim CAD software enabling interactive and dynamic design as well as fast prototyping. It includes the core features of AGX Dynamics and add 3D modelling and powerful analysis components.

Algoryx Momentum Granular adds to this material handling simulation capabilities — especially granular matter — to perform in-depth analyses. You can have detailed heavy machines, tight DEM coupling and CAD integration!

With AGX Dynamics for Unity you get state-of-the-art visualization combined with industry grade multibody simulations.

We are bringing AGX Dynamics to Unreal Engine! Fill out the contact form to get information about the upcoming release.

We also provide engineering and consulting services for customer funded product development or interesting project challenges.

Digital physics empowers your innovation

Simulation leads to better and safer training, better and more cost-effective design. But that depends on transfer which works only if there is accuracy, fidelity, and real-world physics. That’s what we deliver.

The world isn’t smooth: there are impacts contacts and friction. The world isn’t just rigid multibody dynamics: there are flexible beams, wires, cables, terrain, granular matter and tires. Joints go slack and they bend too. The more features the better.

All this comes with speed and stability, alleviating long waits or the hassle of parameter tuning.

Application Areas & Industries

AGX Dynamics is the solution that delivers high fidelity, physics based, interactive simulations that is fast, modular and applicable to virtually any application or challenge.

Latest News

Algoryx is a new member of euRobotics

The euRobotics Association ties together the European robotics industry and research landscape. Algoryx joins this network to develop new and deepened collaborations.


“Thanks to the robust AGX Dynamics, our training simulators of cranes, drilling rigs, wheel loaders and excavators can run in real time with high precision, handling thousands of objects.”

Rami Morssy

Director, System Development,
Oryx Simulations

Algoryx’s core solution, AGX Dynamics, delivers unprecedented simulation performance, quality and stability in our marine training simulators.”

Erik Hovland

General Manager Simulation,
Kongsberg Maritime AS