VR & Training Simulators

Real-time Physics for Virtual Reality

High fidelity

AGX Dynamics delivers new levels of speed, fidelity, and versatility for real time simulations of mechanical complex human operated machines. Combined with such visually compelling tools as Unity 3D, Unreal Engine or Ogre 3D, AGX stands for “reality” in VR.

Simulator training

From rigid multibody to wires and flexible beams, hydraulic pumps to gearboxes, it all matters when training for difficult tasks on complex machines. Transfer requires much more than good graphics and realistic motion: it needs accurate simulation of the laws of physics.

Digital twins

VR has gone beyond simulator training and games. It now plays a role in engineering for virtual testing of prototypes via digital twins of complete prototypes, factories, and construction sites. Seeing is believing, but being there is even better.

Making it real

Customers and partners have been building AGX Dynamics driven training simulators for more than a decade thanks to the speed, fidelity, and versatility of our technology. With C++/C# and python interfaces, the workflow from CAD models to fully immersive simulation is now streamlined. Given model CAD models, one can start with Algoryx Momentum to introduce motion, and then move on with either AGX Dynamics for Unity, or AGX Dynamics for Unreal. Rich, immersive virtual environments are then easily authored resulting in real dynamics simulation coupled with stunning state of the art rendering.


AGX Dynamics introduces high fidelity, accurate, and fast physics in VR based training simulators or in digital twins.

It covers a wide array of physical domains so that all components can be modeled to provide full system dynamics to obtain reliable results.

In combination with Algoryx Momentum for modeling and AGXUnity to integrate with AGXUnity real-time 3D, compelling virtual environments augmented with real physics and be produced easily.

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