Algoryx now a Unity Verified Solutions Partner

UMEÅ/SWEDEN, 11 March 2021 – Algoryx Simulation AB, announced today that it is now a Unity (NYSE: U)  Verified Solutions Partner (VSP) providing Unity developers access to the company’s flagship product for industry-grade physics simulation, AGX Dynamics. VSP partners have been verified by Unity to ensure that SDKs are optimized for the latest version of Unity editor, providing a seamless experience for Unity developers focused on virtual prototyping, robotics, training simulators, digital twins, and machine learning applications.

AGX Dynamics for Unity enables fast and reliable physics simulation for virtual reality simulators, engineering prototyping, and digital twins, and also for training of AI control systems for machine autonomy.

“We founded Algoryx with a mission to transform how engineers work with visual and interactive simulations to realize new ideas. And indeed, the industry is now moving away from monolithic specialist-only platforms, into open and versatile ‘white-box’ platforms. We are thrilled to now be a Unity Verified Solutions Partner,” says Kenneth Bodin, CEO and Co-founder of Algoryx. 

Algoryx has already more than 130 industry clients in segments such as robotics, heavy machines, aerospace, automotive, and maritime. The partnership with Unity opens up an even wider market and enables millions of Unity developers to work on industrial applications, building on Unity’s recent efforts to build dedicated robotics workflows.

“Here engineers get a novel integration of high-fidelity physics with high-performance graphics so that they can train their AI systems in simulation using Unity’s ML-Agents toolkit. Thanks to our partnership with Unity we can now together offer a complete tool-chain that’s pushing the limits of sim-to-real transfer for machine learning”, says Kenneth Bodin, CEO and Co-founder, Algoryx.

About AGX Dynamics

AGX Dynamics is a full featured industry-grade physics engine for Unity 3D. Core functionality includes multibody dynamics with collision detection and contact mechanics for articulated systems. It stands out against other solutions with add-on components for simulation of tires, tracks, drivetrains and engines, dynamic terrain and earthmoving, elastic beams, cables and wires, hydraulics, aerodynamics, and hydrodynamics. The hybrid parallel solver technology in AGX Dynamics is often a billion times more accurate than typical game physics solvers, with retained real time performance. This enables accurate engineering simulation of real-world machine systems that typically involve non-smooth dynamics with large mass ratios and complex contact mechanics. 

AGX Dynamics is established in many industrial domains including industrial robotics, health and service robotics, aerospace, off-road vehicles, heavy construction machinery and earth moving equipment, mining, cranes, and maritime systems.

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About Algoryx Simulation AB

Algoryx was founded in 2007 by four researchers at Umeå University, Sweden. Together they combined extensive competence in computational physics, mathematics, computer graphics, and computing science. Added to this was an experience in developing physics-based virtual reality simulators for operator training.

Algoryx’s mission is to provide software technology that makes a difference, that drives innovation and disrupts business, built on a solid scientific foundation and engineered with excellence. We also strive to build a company that keeps learning, and with long-term relations with customers that enjoys working with us, and with equally satisfied and dedicated employees that share our vision of making a difference.

Today Algoryx is one of the global leaders in real-time physics simulation technology, which is integrated in tens of thousands of simulator systems around the world.