Algoryx Momentum

Multibody dynamics in CAD – Design, Test, Show


Algoryx Momentum injects physical motion to your SpaceClaim models. With automatic joint identification, it’s easy. You don’t have to stick to the usual idealized models. Compliance, gaps, contacts, friction? That’s OK. If you know python, you have fine grained control. And the simulations are fast.


Motion and load analysis will reveal the true behavior since you haven’t compromised your models. Errors will be found early. With AGX Dynamics under the hood, you are studying the real thing, not an overly simplified mathematical abstraction.


An image is a thousand words. How many in a video, or even a live simulation? With support for offline high quality rendering, and model export to Unity and Unreal Engine, you can get all the way to virtual reality. Now, that’s a show! Your ideas will not be misunderstood.

Design for motion

Complicated things move in unexpected ways. Especially where there are contacts and friction and gaps. Multibody Systems Dynamics (MBSD) simulation is needed to check that a mechanical device will behave as expected.

That is exactly what Momentum does.

Infinite Analysis


Merge geometry and physics

Algoryx Momentum is AGX Dynamics inside SpaceClaim so it’s just a few clicks to place joints, which is almost fully automated. After adding material properties, joint limits, inserting motors and controllers, you’re ready to go: simulate, analyze, revise, and finally, show. Any CAD format can be imported so you can start from whatever you already have. The simulation will then detect contacts automatically and directly from the meshes. Impacts and stick-slip transitions is where surprises will come from, and that’s what AGX Dynamics is really good at computing without slowing down.

Analyze and revise

Add to this, simulation is really fast: you won’t have time to grab a cup of coffee before they terminates successfully. And you’ll get frame-by-frame replay with all the kinematics and forces too. Add python scripting to this to perform operations at each step to model drivers for instance, and you can build a very sophisticated real to life model, and get accurate, informative results. You can adjust your joints so they can bend and even have slack. Joint friction is also supported. Almost any level of joint redundancy or any number of kinematic loop will work too. Don’t worry about singularities, that’s handled directly. Choose a step size which is in relation to the time scales of your system and the simulation will behave properly.

Interact and show

It doesn’t stop there, however. First you can create high quality videos with KeyShot, directly inside SpaceClaim. And when you export your now physics enabled model to a simulation environment with AGX Dynamics, like Unity or Unreal Engine, things get even better because you can interact with it in real time. Momentum provides several tools for that. Once the design works as expected, fetch 3D goggles, your team, and the marketing department to show your work in full glory and communicate more effectively than ever before. The sales force will grab the model from you and run to the prospects who will, finally, get it. Live demos speak volumes.

Any questions?

If you are into bulk material simulation, then have a look at Algoryx Momentum Granular.

What is it?

Algoryx Momentum brings MBSD with contacts and friction into SpaceClaim. It combines 3D solid and physical modeling.

With it you can study the motion of your models, and visualize forces and loads.

It lets you present your models in full motion, and present and explain your ideas effectively with high quality videos and interactive simulations in AGX Dynamics for Unity enabled VR environments.

Why get it?
  • SpaceClaim integration
  • Fast, robust solver
  • Automatic joint creation
  • Automated collision detection
  • Redundant joints and loops
  • Joint compliance and slack
  • “Hard” dry friction
  • Python for dynamic control
  • Export to KeyShot, Unity and Unreal Engine

Download Algoryx Momentum brochure or learn more by following our our videos and tutorials on Youtube.


“I don’t know of any other tool that can handle complex dynamical machines with such astonishingly good correlation to real measurements.”

Per Krainer

R&D Engineer,

“Algoryx momentum enabled us to rethink the way we design our products. The time required to get an understanding of a dynamic system is reduced tremendously, which allows us to iterate products much faster than before.”

Lucas Lobmeyer

Lead Analysis Engineer,
New Motion Labs

“Normally we need years of field experience to verify a new idea or design. Algoryx Momentum drastically reduces the verification effort”

Stefan Bergqvist

R&D Manager,

“I rather liked what Algoryx Momentum did with the bad gear tooth profiles. It shows just how capable it is to reflect real world conflicts and point to solutions. That’s what digital prototyping is all about.”

Waylan Elmenhurst


“Momentum allows us to evaluate lots of conceptual ideas very quickly. We learn from these long before we spend any time or money making hardware and many design iterations mean we end up with much better designs.”

Rick Cronk

Principal Research Engineer,
Pearson Engineering Ltd.

“Thanks to Algoryx Momentum Granular, we can rapidly test and evaluate different optimized designs for our pellet processes with great success.”

Kjell-Ove Mickelsson

Senior Research Engineer,

“We have been amazed by the simplicity and robust nature of Algoryx Momentum, not to mention the seamless integration with our CAD system. Our client’s favorite is seeing a full dynamic simulation of concept designs within a day…”

Chris Hollingworth

Infinite Analysis Ltd.

“We’re dealing with complicated dynamical machines operating on millisecond time-scales. Momentum is a natural part of our R&D process, It enables us to make more reliable and lean products. Also, it saves us a lot of prototyping and testing expenses.

Veselin Nikolov

R&D Engineer,

“We are now able to perform rapid virtual experiments that previously could only be performed in practice, the latter usually very costly and time consuming.”

Stefan Rönnbäck

Senior Control Engineering Specialist,
Optimation AB

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