Offshore & Maritime

Safe Operations and Engineering

Offshore Cranes

AGX Dynamics can simulate the motion of all major components complex offshore machinery. This includes heavy lifting, anchor handling, wind turbines assembly and more. From prime mover to final load, whether it’s multibody dynamics, hydraulics, elasto-plastic booms or wires, there’s a module for that. Detailed, reliable designs and controllers can be realized and tested on a digital twin.

Reliable training

High fidelity simulations help sailors get accustomed to dangerous and complicated operations. They save lives. Our OEMs have created “all hands on deck” applications with distributed virtual environments, all in real-time, with AGX Dynamics as “physics engine”. The combination of all the different modules makes full mission planing possible, minimizing down time for training.

Subsea Robotics

ROVs perform delicate operations in low visibility, and they carry long tethers. That means snags, snaps, and precious equipment falling into the deep. Virtual training minimizes these risks and helps operators build confidence and advanced skills. With cables, wires, tracks, and hydrodynamics, all the relevant parts can be simulated the accuracy needed for reliable transfer.

Digital twins at sea, for real

Offshore operations are bigger than life in all aspects, involving high risks in human safety first, but also equipment damage and losses. Everything matters: the big and the small, the heavy and the light, the slow and the fast.

A digital twin is what is needed here for training and controller development, and transfer is critical. That requires accurate simulation of the physics involved, with a rich set of features.

Offshore simulations

From anchor handling to wind turbine assembly, using cranes, multiple vessel, ROVs and even sea-floor robots, the offshore domain of operations involves a lot of simultaneous physical phenomena.

AGX Dynamics supports added mass, buoyancy, drag and lift, wires, cables and elastoplastic beams. That should be enough to get started, and to create real-life conditions for reliable training.


Our wires can withstand very high loads and yet wrap tightly around winches and rollers, and very high mass ratios can be handled without any problem. They are subject to buoyancy, drag and lift to react correctly to virtual wind and water current,

Virtual environments

Full mission training involve all hands on desk environments with multi-room installations for crane operators, ballast teams, and bridge control. AGX Dynamics has delivered the required performance for that for many years.

Several thousands of sailors and operators have been trained successfully on such installations.

wind turbine offshore

ROV operations

ROV operation training is supported via the combination of multibody dynamics, cables, hydrodynamics, and stable contacts for grippers, needed for manipulators.


AGX Dynamics is a proven solution that delivers fast, realistic and stable simulations, capable of handling extreme mass ratios. This allows the user to focus on the simulation content and not on how to keep the simulation stable. The unique dynamic resolution model for wires allows for simulations with kilometers of wire for any type of scenario: anchor handling, mooring, crane operations, etc.  With the precision that AGX Dynamics delivers, the simulations can be used for engineering, virtual prototyping, digital twins as well as accurate training scenarios.

  • Fast and robust wire simulation with detailed material specification including dynamic resolution
  • Automatic contact generation with frictional contacts
  • Dynamic configuration during run-time
  • Tension and all forces are available during simulation for analysis
  • Integration to drivetrain module, including hydraulic simulation
  • Integrated hydrodynamics simulation