AGX Dynamics for Unity

The new engineering metaverse for AI and Digital Twins

An AGX Dynamics full-system simulation of a wheel loader in Unity-  the new engineering metaverse

Bring your models to life

Developers, engineers, and designers can now utilize AGX Dynamics, the real-world interactive physics pioneered by Algoryx, inside Unity – bringing your models to life with stunning graphics, using all the tools and assests available in the Unity platform.

Physics-based digital twins

Create accurate physics-based digital twins of any mechatronic system, such as off-road vehicles, cranes, ships, ROVs and robots. Use the tools in Unity to build the surrounding environment, connect control systems and add sensors to virtually test and analyze every aspect of your system, on your computer or in AR/VR.

Develop AI-controlled machines

Your engineering metaverse becomes a safe and efficient training environment for machine autonomy. Training the AI with accurate physics in a realistic virtual world allows you to test edge-cases and dangerous situations with high sim-to-real transfer and results you can trust.

Recommended by Unity

Unity is for creators and Algoryx for engineers. By bringing our industrial-grade physics to the Unity platform we create a unique, powerful, and practical solution for all design and engineering specialists, with the possibility to displace legacy software and foster cross-discipline collaboration along the entire development pipeline. We believe this will accelerate the pace of innovation for engineers and companies in every industry area.

Algoryx is an Unity authorized reseller, and the recommended solution for developing industrial applications in Unity.

A revolution for machine autonomy!

All machines are becoming robots and AI is taking control! At Algoryx we have a long experience of simulating heavy machines, off-road vehicles, robots, harbor cranes, and even large vessels towing oil rigs in rough seas. Automating these machines is usually hard because of the unstructured environment they operate in and the complex dynamics of the machines as well as the difficult tasks they perform. The combination of AGX Dynamics and Unity, together with tools like ML-Agents, is revolutionizing the development of AI for autonomous machines. The key is the fast and accurate physics provided by Algoryx that makes it possible to model all aspects of the machine and its surroundings, with a high degree of transfer from simulation to real systems.
Learn more about AI and machine learning from Algoryx.

Fully integrated in the Unity ecosystem

AGX Dynamics for Unity fully replaces the built-in game physics in Unity, allowing you to use real physical properties, measure real forces, and to expect realistic results. It provides a familiar workflow and user experience, and comes with full source code and scripting capabilities – to give you as developer the complete control of every aspect of your simulation. The combination of AGX Dynamics and Unity becomes a highly productive environment for developing simulators and simulation solutions, with the ease-of-use and graphics from Unity and the stable and exact physics from Algoryx. 

Getting started

To get started – apply for a free trial. We also recommend taking a look at the documentation, examples and tutorials for AGX Dynamics for Unity. If you need additional support we provide training courses and onboarding packages to help you succeed with your project. Please contact us for more information.

If you already have a license file you can download AGX Dynamics for Unity here.

Import CAD to Unity

Are you working with CAD models and need realistic mechanical simulations? Algoryx Momentum is our recommended tool to validate your design, prepare it for simulation and importing it into Unity. Algoryx Momentum allows you to simulate and interact with your CAD model in real time. When you are satisfied with your design export both the visual and dynamic models into Unity to extend your simulation with surrounding environment, control systems and sensors.

Real-time soil simulations

The AGX Terrain module allows you to simulate realistic earth-moving applications in real time. Just about any machine or mechanical system including: robots, wheel loaders, excavators, bulldozers or even drag buckets can be modeled and simulated. You just focus on the model and AGX Dynamics for Unity will handle the simulation.


Unity and AGX Dynamics creates a productive environment for machine learning (ML) simulations, training simulators, engineering, virtual prototyping and more.

Combines the rich library of tools and assets from Unity, and C# scripting features with reliable dynamics simulation from Algoryx Simulation.

AGX Dynamics for Unity is fully integrated with Unity to get a common look and feel.

The Algoryx software ecosystem takes you all the way from CAD models to a productive development and simulation environment.

  • High fidelity multibody dynamics simulation
  • Unity look and feel in Editor
  • Model wires, cables, constraints using Unity UI
  • Full control via editor panels
  • Import CAD models with dynamics via Algoryx Momentum
  • Deploy your application with AGX Dynamics
  • Full access to the simulation API via C#

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