AGX Dynamics for Unity adds Linux support, with a view to expanding Machine Learning capabilities

AGX Dynamics, Unity, and the Ubuntu Linux distribution can now be used together, for developing machine learning-based control systems, and for other purposes.

Algoryx’s physics simulation engine AGX Dynamics, together with the Unity game engine, is a potent toolkit for training autonomous machines virtually. Now that AGX Dynamics for Unity gets Linux support, it becomes even more attractive as a simulation platform for machine autonomy. 

AGX Dynamics for Unity is a plugin software that integrates the Unity game engine with Algoryx’s powerful AGX Dynamics physics engine, effectively replacing Unity’s basic game physics with industrial-grade physics simulation capabilities. 

A great environment for training autonomous machines

One of the most interesting applications of the AGX Dynamics and Unity combination is to model a machine or robot, apply virtual sensors and control data, and apply a machine learning-based controller via the Unity ML-Agents toolkit. 

With this setup, engineers can train a deep neural network to control the machine or robot autonomously in a virtual training ground with high simulation fidelity. 

Now compatible with the go-to OS for machine learning

When it comes to machine learning and artificial intelligence processes, Linux has become more and more popular as an operating system. 

Most machine learning servers are in Linux, and the most common open-source machine learning libraries, such as PyTorch and TensorFlow, tend to have limited support for MIcrosoft Windows and other non-Linux operating systems. 

As the use cases for combining AGX Dynamics for Unity with a machine learning system have become clearer and in higher demand, the Algoryx team has made sure to provide support for the most common Linux distributions, from version 4.0 of AGX Dynamics for Unity onwards. 

Works with any Linux distribution supported by Unity 

With support for: 

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Ubuntu 22.04 and
  • CentOS 7

AGX Dynamics for Unity can now be used with all Linux distributions that are supported by the Unity Hub itself.  ◼️


AGX Dynamics for Unity

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