Cranes, Cables & Wires

Technology for realistic, versatile and robust simulations


AGX Dynamics wire module is the result of years of research, development and thorough testing and validation. It allows for realistic real time simulations of complex scenarios such as: crane operations, anchoring, mooring, etc. It is being used in hundreds of simulators all around the world, delivering robust, realistic and fast simulations even for extreme loads.


A typical scenario includes heavy lifting operations. AGX Dynamics has a complete set of modules that help you model complete systems including: elasto-plastic deformations of the crane boom, hydraulics, drivetrain, wires, winches, shackles, containers etc. all in real time. During simulation all force and tensions are readily available for analysis and verification.


Our wire and cable simulations have been tested against the industry standards in both training simulators as well as in engineering design. Our customers develop new cranes and crane controllers by running simulations utilizing our solution.

Simulate in virtual worlds first is faster, better and safer


The general approach to modelling flexible objects allows for complex and realistic scenarios. To get a complete picture of a robot, attach and simulate the cables together with the robot. Measure and analyse wear and tear in real time or faster.


A realistic simulation can result in faster development and validation. The performance and realism that Algoryx bring to the table help customers around the world to get a better understanding of how to operate, design and test cranes and other wire operated machines.

Real world Transfer

Using AGX Dynamics for simulations allows for training and testing complex and dangerous scenarios. Our customers have successfully deployed massive crane installations, performed sensitive ROV operations based on knowledge from simulations.


AGX Dynamics is capable of modelling your system including jointed rigid body mechanics including frictional contacts. In addition, flexible objects such as beams, wires and cables can be used to model a realistic simulation scenario. The drivetrain module can be used to power the system including clutches, motors, gears, torque converters etc. AGX Dynamics is the complete system for simulating complex mechanical systems.

  • Supports elastic lumped element models
  • Delivers realistic and stable simulations, capable of handling extreme mass ratios
  • Robust direct solver give reliable results in real time
  • Winch models for hauling wires
  • Full interaction with the simulation environment, including hydrodynamics
  • Detailed material specification
  • All forces are available during simulation for analysis

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