AGX Dynamics 2.19 release

AGX Dynamics 2.19 brings a lot to the table for real time simulation of multi physics

Major improvements


AGX Dynamics is well known for its fast and stable direct solver. In 2.19 we have improved the performance:

  • Multifrontal factorizer means that we are now able to utilize multi-core even for tightly coupled direct solved systems. For larger constraint systems you should see a performance gain with more than 1 threads
  • Warm starting for constraints. A heuristic model for warmstarting of ordinary constraints (not contact) is implemented which can give performance gain.
  • We have experienced up to 20% performance gain in large customer models

Other improvments

  • This release also improves the wire simulation with a more realistic wire contact model.
  • The Python scripting capabilities are extended with new features allowing for fast prototyping of dynamics simulations.
  • Python scripting is now used to bridge AGX Dynamics to Matlab/Simulink

New modules

Cable damage

This module can be used to measure stress/contact/impact that occurs on a cable during simulation.
Below is a video that demonstrates this feature in a Python environment.

Tracks model

A completely new module for simulating vehicles with tracks are now available in AGX.
This video shows one of the tutorials available in the new release:

Fracture model

A new fracture model is available for automatically breaking up rigid bodies into convex set of smaller bodies. Tutorials are available in both Python and C++.


Algoryx contact information

Anders Backman
CTO and co-founder