AGX Dynamics for Unreal

High-quality graphics with high-fidelity physics

Industry ready

Unreal Engine is one of the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tools. It is open and continuously evolving to serve not only its original purpose as a game engine. With AGX Dynamics for Unreal you get freedom and control to deliver cutting-edge content and interactive experiences combining true physics with state-of-the-art visualization.

Familiar workspace

AGX Dynamics is a professional physics engine that replaces the built-in physics in Unreal. The integration gives you quick access to AGX features inside Unreal Engine. Use the specialized modules to create simulations of just about any machine or mechanical system and then edit and analyze your simulation all within the Unreal Editor.

Easy C++ API access

Rely on Unreal Engine rendering and scripting capabilities while the simulation technologies from Algoryx delivers simulation data faithful to the real world. Build and deploy your runtime like any other Unreal application, only now with realistic dynamics simulation that you can rely on.

True physics

With AGX Dynamics for Unreal you can utilize the full power of real multi-body simulations powered by AGX Dynamics in your workflow. The agxTerrain module allows you to simulate realistic earth moving equipment and terra mechanics in real time. Simulate just about any machine or mechanical system including: robots, wheel loaders, excavators, bulldozers or even drag buckets.

The tight coupling between the AGX Dynamics multibody core and all high level modules makes full-system simulations easy and stable. Focus on the model and AGX Dynamics for Unreal will handle the simulation.

AGX Dynamics for Unreal

AGX Dynamics for Unreal integrates AGX Dynamics and Unreal Engine into a productive environment for developing simulators and simulation solutions.

Import the full model for a unique combination of ultra realistic rendering enabled by Unreal Engine together with the stability and exactness of our dynamics solution. You will be able to develop realistic simulations using the real physical properties.

In the Unreal Engine environment you can apply rendering materials, build environments and terrain models, design scenarios and combine with all the assets available for Unreal Engine.

Use cases

  • Heavy vehicles
  • Robotics
  • Virtual Commissioning
  • Load cycle optimization
  • Training simulators
  • Autonomous machines and machine learning
  •  Engineering simulation

CAD – Unreal – Dynamics

Are you working with CAD models and need realistic mechanical simulations? Algoryx Momentum will bring life to your mechanical CAD models. Experience and interact with your simulation model in real time. Create and parameterize your models in a professional CAD environment and export Visual and Dynamic models into Unreal.


Unreal and AGX Dynamics bring you a productive environment for machine learning (ML) simulations, training simulators, engineering prototyping and more.

Combines Unreal rich library of assets and scripting features with a reliable dynamics simulation from Algoryx Simulation.

Algoryx software ecosystem of will bring your CAD models into a productive development and simulation environment.

  • High fidelity multibody dynamics simulation
  • Import CAD models with dynamics via Algoryx Momentum
  • Deploy your application with AGX Dynamics
  • Full access to the simulation API via scripting