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AGX Dynamics

Choose what AGX Dynamics package to buy. The license is a yearly subscription paid per seat. Please contact us if you have any questions, want an evaluation license or need help to decide what product or modules you need.


AGX Dynamics Core

Includes SDK and Python scripting to build solutions for real time multi-body simulations

Free upgrades with subscription

Price upon request


Everything in Basic, plus

your selection of modules:

Terrain, Granular, Hydraulics, Hydrodynamics, Drivetrain, Tire, Tracks, Wires, Cables, Cable Damage, Simulink

Price upon request

Premium Package

Everything in Basic, plus

all the following

Terrain, Granular, Hydraulics, Hydrodynamics, Drivetrain, Tire, Tracks, Wires, Cables, Cable Damage, Simulink

Best value!

*We also offer runtime licenses for solutions distributed and powered by AGX Dynamics and discounts for OEMs and academic use of AGX Dynamics.

AGX Dynamics integrations

AGX Dynamics for Unity

You get all the benefits of AGX Dynamics combined with Unity 3D visualization. Model vehicles, wires, cables etc. and have it interact with the terrain in your simulations, all within the familiar Unity user interface.

AGX Dynamics for Unreal

We are bringing AGX Dynamics to Unreal Engine! Fill out the contact form to get all the latest information about the release, and the opportunity to become a beta tester.

Engineering solutions

Algoryx Momentum brings AGX Dynamics multi-body simulations to your 3D-models. Import or create your CAD model, apply physical properties and you’re ready to test, improve and show your engineering solutions. Algoryx Momentum Granular is an engineering tool for complete simulations of machines, bulkmaterials and control systems with strongly coupled MBD + NDEM.

Algoryx Momentum

powered by AGX Dynamics

ANSYS SpaceClaim integration with automatic joint creation, collision detection.
Support for Python scripting and
export to KeyShot, Unity and Unreal Engine

Algoryx Momentum Granular

Everything in Algoryx Momentum, plus:

strongly coupled NDEM

High performance solver and load analysis.
Post-processing tools and data export

Algoryx Momentum +
AGX Dynamics for Unity

The perfect combination and our recommended tool chain to prepare your CAD models for interactive multiphysics simulation in Unity.

Professional Services

Need help with training or expert consulting in a project? Or maybe you want our researchers to look into a new type of simulation?
Contact us and let’s make something awesome together!

Professional Services

We provide engineering and consulting services for customer funded product development or interesting project challenges.


Algoryx started as a spin-off from Umeå University in 2007 and we still have a close relationship with the academic world. We provide discount for non-commericial academic use of our products, and also collaborate with researchers, students and customers in development projects that push the boundaries for realtime multibody simulation and its applications.

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We provide discount for non-commericial academic use of our products.

Please contact us if you are interested in using any of our products or have an idea for a research project.