Algoryx at the Unity AI Summit 2021

Algoryx is happy for being selected to speak at the Unity AI Summit 2021. At the event, our senior R&D Engineer, Daniel Lindmark did a much-appreciated presentation about how you can train an AI to control a heavy vehicle using AGX Dynamics, Unity, and ML-Agents. The talk was based on our experience from two recently published scientific papers, “Reinforcement Learning Control of a Forestry Crane Manipulator” and “Design and Control of Advanced Mechatronics Systems“.

A key take-away is that it is possible to train an AI to control a machine that performs on the same level as a human operator, but this requires fast and accurate full-system simulations to be able to model all necessary aspects of the machine, its surroundings, plus sensors. Something that now is now possible with AGX Dynamics for Unity. 

See a recording of the presentation here, How we use Unity to develop AI-controlled heavy machines – Algoryx at the Unity AI Summit 2021

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