Algoryx Momentum 2.3.1 is now available

With this release of Algoryx Momentum, we no longer support SpaceClaim versions older than 19.2. If you have an older version of SpaceClaim please update to SpaceClaim 19.2 or later.

Release notes


  • Discontinued support for SpaceClaim versions prior to 19.2
  • Fix for material color rendering when linking to external models
  • Fix for joint detection between small cylinders and holes
  • Fix torque reading on constraint attached to a static rigid body
  • Various stability fixes


  • Multithreaded calculation of center of mass and other mass properties
  • Overall performance improvement when working with large models
  • A new design of the User Manual
  • Fix for keeping the Angular and Linear Position on constraints with reverse direction enabled
  • Preserve Observer´s position upon New Initial State
  • Better handling of corrupt solids
  • The help button will start the default internet browser
  • Render materials reused between shapes when exporting to Keyshot/.agx
  • Fixed problem where joints were removed when modifying a solid after undo
  • Various stability fixes


  • Upgraded to Python 3.7.6
  • Caching of autocomplete for faster response in python editor