Algoryx Momentum 2.3.0 is now available

This release of Algoryx Momentum contains lots of improvements and stability fixes. We have managed to get a massive speedup for large models by using multithreaded calculation of mass properties.

Release notes


  • Multithreaded calculation of center of mass and other mass properties
  • Overall performance improvement when working with large models
  • A new design of the User Manual
  • Fix for keeping the Angular and Linear Position on constraints with reverse direction enabled
  • Preserve Observer´s position upon New Initial State
  • Better handling of corrupt solids
  • The help button will start the default internet browser
  • Render materials reused between shapes when exporting to Keyshot/.agx
  • Fixed problem where joints were removed when modifying a solid after undo
  • Various stability fixes


  • Upgraded to Python 3.7.6
  • Caching of autocomplete for faster response in python editor


  • Improved handling of inertia via the Python API. setCmAndInertiaFrameInObserver should greatly increase the ability to modify inertia
  • Fix for missing update of mass properties at Undo
  • Non-modal window for license check
  • Many stability fixes
  • Handling of invalid solids without crashing
  • Performance optimizations

Contact Peter Norlindh for more information about Algoryx Momentum or other Algoryx products and how they can make you brilliant!