Algoryx Momentum Granular

Bulk material simulation in CAD


Algoryx Momentum Granular combines Multibody System Dynamics (MBSD) with Nonsmooth Discrete Element Models (NDEM) simulations in a powerful CAD interface. It lets you easily design complex machines that handle bulk material.


With strong coupling between mechanical systems and granular matter, simulations are more stable and have much higher performance as well as accuracy than competing solutions. Your results are much more reliable, much closer to reality.


With python scripting you can design advanced controllers and monitors. An extensible library of post-processing, analysis, visualization and data exporting tools, enables you to optimize material flow and understand load distribution in details.

Full system dynamics with granular matter

The dynamics and behavior of granular matter is intricate, especially when coupled to machinery. The stakes involved in a design are high indeed. Small improvements can mean enormous savings in time and energy consumption as well as improvements in quality.

As an extension of Algoryx Momentum, you can easily design your mechanical system such as a feeder, a dump truck, a pelletizing drum or an excavator in full details, without compromise. Then, add bulk material and simulate everything with confidence.

NDEM and multibody

With Momentum Granular, adjust parameters such as size, contact stiffness, friction, rolling friction, and even adhesion. With the latter, you can simulate sludge for instance. At that point, you are ready to simulate and the high performance solver will use all your cores to deliver results quickly.

The NDEM simulation method used is directly integrated with the core AGX MBSD and this is much more stable and much faster than standard DEM solutions. In particular, reaction forces between granules and rigid bodies are accurate.

Courtesy of LKAB

The power of scripting

With the python interface your can introduce controllers of any complexity which execute at each step, and gather and analyze data on during the simulation.


There is also extensive support for post-processing both for quantitative analysis and visualization. The simulation data can be exported so you can use your favorite analysis tools.

With KeyShot export, you can produce stunning videos and that is a very effective way to communicate with your team and decision makers. Depending on system size, you can import your work into an interactive 3D environment such as Unity 3D and Unreal Engine. Step-by-step replay allows you to look from all angles.

What is it?

Algoryx Momentum Granular is a SpaceClaim plugin providing an interface to strongly coupled MBSD and NDEM simulations with AGX Dynamics. and the AGX Granular module.

It allows for designing complex machines that handle granular matter and tools to optimize performance and material flow.

It is user-friendly so you don’t have to be a simulation specialist.

Why get it?
  • Integrated MBSD and NDEM
  • High performance solver
  • Load analysis and full system dynamics
  • Python for controllers
  • Post-processing tools and data export

Use case examples

Flexible bucket conveyors

Dynamical vibratory feeders

System level dynamics

Control systems

Pellet screens

Any Questions?

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Algoryx Momentum Granular news


“I don’t know of any other tool that can handle complex dynamical machines with such astonishingly good correlation to real measurements.”

Per Krainer

R&D Engineer,

“Algoryx momentum enabled us to rethink the way we design our products. The time required to get an understanding of a dynamic system is reduced tremendously, which allows us to iterate products much faster than before.”

Lucas Lobmeyer

Lead Analysis Engineer,
New Motion Labs

“Normally we need years of field experience to verify a new idea or design. Algoryx Momentum drastically reduces the verification effort”

Stefan Bergqvist

R&D Manager,

“I rather liked what Algoryx Momentum did with the bad gear tooth profiles. It shows just how capable it is to reflect real world conflicts and point to solutions. That’s what digital prototyping is all about.”

Waylan Elmenhurst


“Momentum allows us to evaluate lots of conceptual ideas very quickly. We learn from these long before we spend any time or money making hardware and many design iterations mean we end up with much better designs.”

Rick Cronk

Principal Research Engineer,
Pearson Engineering Ltd.

“Thanks to Algoryx Momentum Granular, we can rapidly test and evaluate different optimized designs for our pellet processes with great success.”

Kjell-Ove Mickelsson

Senior Research Engineer,

“We have been amazed by the simplicity and robust nature of Algoryx Momentum, not to mention the seamless integration with our CAD system. Our client’s favorite is seeing a full dynamic simulation of concept designs within a day…”

Chris Hollingworth

Infinite Analysis Ltd.

“We’re dealing with complicated dynamical machines operating on millisecond time-scales. Momentum is a natural part of our R&D process, It enables us to make more reliable and lean products. Also, it saves us a lot of prototyping and testing expenses.

Veselin Nikolov

R&D Engineer,

“We are now able to perform rapid virtual experiments that previously could only be performed in practice, the latter usually very costly and time consuming.”

Stefan Rönnbäck

Senior Control Engineering Specialist,
Optimation AB