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Fast and accurate DEM simulations integrated into 3D-CAD

Algoryx Simulation offers a custom solution for solving challenges in bulk material handling through simulation, by integrating the physics engine AGX Dynamics inside a powerful 3D-CAD editor. This allows engineers to optimize and evaluate industrial processes handling bulk materials such as mining ore and rocks, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The solution enables articulated multibody dynamics with strong coupling to bulk material simulation using existing or new CAD-models.

The 3D editor is based on SpaceClaim Engineer, the world’s leading direct modeling tool for engineers, which provides interoperability with all major CAD systems. The solution is based on a special version of Algoryx Momentum, tailored for granular and bulk material simulation.

AGX Dynamics can simulate differentials


Import your CAD-models and insert bulk material flow simulation to bring you process to life. Explore different design options and analyze the results.

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Bulk simulation solution

Features include:

  • Bulk material simulations directly in your CAD-models.
  • Includes all features from Algoryx Momentum.
  • CAD-editor allows for direct modeling.
  • Strong dynamic coupling with other rigid body systems, e.g. machines, vehicles, conveying systems.
  • Novel hybrid solver that supports the use of both direct and iterative solver kernels.
  • Very fast due to extensive multicore processor parallelization.
  • Large scale (millions) granular body simulation on conventional desktop computers.
  • Journal system for recording, playback and analyzing simulation data.

Benefits include:

  • Gaining design-critical insights upfront.
  • Reduce overall risks.
  • Reduce maintenance and retrofit costs.
  • Increase equipment reliability.
  • Optimize for energy efficiency and quality.
  • Reduce prototyping and test costs.

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Granular matter and bulk material


Granular materials are the second-most manipulated and transported material in the world (the first is water). Examples include gravel, nuts, corn, potato, iron and mineral ore balls, wood pellets, coffee, fertilizer, asphalt, pharmaceutical tablets and sand. From a scientific point of view, these systems show many exciting properties, e.g. dynamic phase transitions, pattern formation and jamming. The economic relevance is very high in many industries, e.g. construction, mining, food, pharmaceutical and energy. Granulars also dominate the global transportation industry as bulk material in dry cargo ships, trucks and trains.
Consequently, engineering excellence in designing systems that handle granular materials has tremendous leverage.

Algoryx aims to help engineers and operators meet and rise above new challenges by providing solutions for using a simulation driven design process, to reduce production costs and increase equipment reliability.


Our solution

Algoryx offers a solution for solving challenges in bulk and granular material handling with simulation driven design processes using AGX Dynamics integrated together with a powerful 3D-CAD editor. This enables engineers to easily simulate their bulk material processes using existing or new CAD-models. Early virtual simulation prototyping shortens the design process, improves process understanding, secures system reliability and prevents deployment of inefficient designs which reduces retrofit and maintenance costs.

Use Areas

  • Optimization of iron ball plants
    Simulate mineral processing such as large scale pelletizing processes of iron ore.

    Balldrum and sieve for a pelletizing process.

  • Heavy mining equipment
    Simulate heavy vehicle handling, wear and performance when handling rock or ore.

    Dynamic vehicle simulation and bulk material simulated within the same framework.

  • Conveyor systems
    Simulate and design conveying systems equipment transporting bulk materials such as rocks and ore.

    Example simulation of performance in a system of connected conveyors.

  • Conveyor transfer chutes
    Simulate conveyor transfer chutes to predict wear and clogging, reducing overall maintenance costs.

    Example simulation of a conveyor transfer system featuring cohesive ore.

Solving challenges in the mining industry

The mining industry is full of challenges. When handling rocks and ore in everything from conveying systems to vehicles, equipment needs to be reliable and able to function. Predicting wear and tear and performance in a process is important and hard. Responsible increases of production results in the need to optimize process to increase energy efficiency.


Wheel Loader

AGX Dynamics

Predictability and virtual prototyping

AGX Dynamics provides mining engineers with the tools to perform bulk material flow simulation when designing bulk material handling processes. Virtual prototyping reduces testing costs and development times. Simulations can give engineers important insights in how design decision will affect the performance of their process, that are otherwise hard or almost impossible to obtain. This allows them to predict and avoid bad designs and finally deploy reliable and optimized equipment that reduces overall system wear and production downtime.

What value have our solutions created for other customers?
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Optimizing drum outlets for iron pellets

“Thanks to the AGX Dynamics bulk material solution, we can rapidly test and evaluate different optimized designs for our pellet processes with great success.”kjell-ove

/Kjell-Ove Mickelsson, Senior Research Engineer, LKAB

LKAB is a world leading producer of processed iron ore products and minerals. Optimation AB is a specialized consultant firm that focuses on optimization and innovative solutions for the process industry. The goal of the project was to improve outlet designs in LKAB’s pelletizing processes. LKAB, Optimation, Umeå University and Algoryx cooperated to produce a tailored software solution and a robust and efficient work method for simulation based design of the drum outlet.

Atlas Copco mining truck

Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB is a manufacturer of underground and surface rock excavation equipment. Algoryx Simulation AB provides dynamics simulation.The interaction of vehicles with ore and muck can have huge impact on vehicle performance and lifetime. The goal of the project was to simulate the dynamic behavior of the ore-bodies in interaction with each other and the vehicle in order to gain understanding provide even more successful vehicle design. The project was part of Simovate, which was partially financed by Vinnova – Sweden’s Innovation Agency.