About Algoryx


About us

Algoryx Simulation is a leading provider of software and services for visual and interactive physics based simulation. Algoryx provides products as, AGX Dynamics and Algoryx Momentum for the professional market and Algodoo for the education market. In addition, AGX Dynamics is OEM licensed and integrated into many end user simulation and simulator solutions, which are enabling for virtual training systems, and for simulation driven product and process development.


Algoryx was established in 2007 as a spin-off from Umeå University in Sweden, involving researches from the High Performance Computing Centre North (HPC2N), VRlab, and the departments of Computing Science and Physics, and the UMIT Research Lab, a leading center in northern Europe for research in computational science and engineering.


Our ambition is to offer the number one solutions for interactive multiphysics simulations in the world. We believe that visual and interactive multiphysics simulation is one of the true challenges in science, and a strong enabling technology for the industry, as well as for education, for many decades to come. Academic research is important to us, and we invite researchers, students and projects for close collaborations in strive towards finding new techniques, processes and products that excel over comparable solutions on the market.


Our HQ office is located in Umeå.