Scientific publications

Durchgängige Nutzong von Anlagenmodellen

Physics-based virtual environments for autonomous earthmoving and mining machinery

Hybrid, multi-resolution wires with massless frictional contacts

Accelerated granular matter simulation

Adaptive model reduction for nonsmooth discrete element simulation.

Warm starting the projected Gauss-Seidel algorithm for granular matter simulation

Parametrization and validation of a nonsmooth discrete element method for simulating flows of iron ore green pellets

Examining the smooth and nonsmooth discrete element approaches to granular matter

Outlet design optimization based on large-scale nonsmooth DEM simulation

Constraint based particle fluids on GPGPU

Regularized multibody dynamics with dry frictional contact

Constraint Fluids

Ghosts and machines

Interactive Simulation of Elastic Deformable Materials

A regularized time stepper for multibody system

Regularized, stabilized, variational methods for multibodies

A parallel block iterative method for interactive contacting rigid multibody simulations on multicore PCs

Colosseum3D – Authoring framework for Virtual Environments

Massless cable for Real-time Simulation

Rigid Body Cable for Virtual Environments

Ice fracture model for real-time ship simulator

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