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We’re a growing company and we always look for talented people. We need developers that are good programmers and also know a good bit of math, physics or 3D-graphics. You are particularly interesting to us if you have experience (perhaps a PhD) from using and developing simulation solutions for e.g. realtime applications, vehicle dynamics, material handling, robotics, maritime engineering, CAD, CAE, PLM, and digital manufacturing.

We are also interested in sales and marketing people that are grounded in science and technology so that they can understand and communicate our products and solutions on the global market, interaction designers that can shape the future of the tools and workflows we develop, as well as CAE oriented engineers that can assist our clients in getting the best out of our solutions.

Work with us

Are you interested in working at Algoryx? Contact us, come in for a cup of coffee, or send a spontaneous application. We are always interested in meeting talented people and continuously hiring developers.

Right now we are hiring Software developers and Cloud developer

Master’s thesis

Are you interested in writing your master’s thesis at Algoryx?
Here at Algoryx Simulation AB we offer interested students the possibility to write their theses on some of the latest problems in physics simulation and visualization.

If you are a student of Computer Science or Physics, Robotics, Mathematics, Machine Learning, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive, or other relevant areas and looking for an interesting thesis project, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.
Read about master’s theses here.