AGX Dynamics

Fast, scalable and accurate

AGX Dynamics is a professional multi-purpose physics engine for simulators, Virtual Reality (VR), engineering, large scale granular simulations and more. It consists of hundreds of C++ classes of highly optimized and portable code and is the obvious choice when you need to simulate mechanical constrained systems with frictional contacts. It is truly scalable in all senses of the word. Built upon a solid foundation of original scientific research, including discrete variational and physics based time integration methods for constrained systems, parallel high performance hybrid equation solvers and novel multi-physics models. Therefore AGX Dynamics combines accuracy with speed in a way that cannot be found in any other competing physics engine or product.

Why choose AGX Dynamics?

  • Combines performance and accuracy for scientific, and industrial applications.
  • World leading wire simulation with dynamic resolution.
  • Novel hybrid solver that supports the use of both direct and iterative solver kernels.
  • Integrated hydraulics simulation allowing for stiff coupling between hydraulics and mechanics simulation
  • Deformable cable simulation: simulate hoses, pipes which bend, stretch and twists.
  • Accurate and stable under extreme loads and mass ratios.
  • Performance and accuracy: parallelism and smart splitting scheme.
  • High quality contact generation including general triangle meshes.
  • Deformable terrain for excavator simulation etc.
  • Large scale (millions) granular body simulation with nonsmooth discrete element method.
  • Rich documentation and also comes with tutorials and scripting capabilities for quick prototyping.

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AGX Dynamics features
Hybrid solver scheme – Combines accuracy of a direct LCP solver and the speed of an iterative solver.
Flexible solver framework – User is free to specify solver type on contacts and constraints.
Stable for large time steps -Time integration derived from discrete variational principle.
Fast, parallel and accurate collision detection – Handles both primitives and general triangle meshes.
Wire simulations – Simulate any wire/chain/rope for your cranes, anchor handling ship or towline.
Wire interactions – The wire can collide and interact with other geometries in the simulation including friction.
Dynamic simulation – Recreate/rebuild your simulation during runtime with no limits.
Contact reduction – Fast and stable collision detection for complex objects.
Rich constraint library – Build vehicles, cranes or any other mechanical system using constraints.
Custom constraints – Missing a constraint? Develop your own from tutorials.
Platform independent – Runs on windows, Linux and Mac. Clang, gcc, Visual studio 2012-2015.
Scripting with LUA – Run and modify our demos and tutorials without recompiling.
Built in 3D Rendering – Demos and tutorials uses OpenSceneGraph for rendering in OpenGL.
Built-in support for added mass – AGX Dynamics supports the use of dressed and inhomogeneous masses and inertia tensors, which is essential in hydrodynamic modeling.
Buoyancy for general triangle meshes – Simulate objects floating in waves.
Supports input devices – Joystick and GamePad. Control your interactive simulation.
Serialization to XML/Binary format – Store your simulation on disk. Restore to a 100% deterministic simulation result.
Inject user code through events – Listen to stepping events, contacts etc.
All forces readily available during simulation – Tension in wires, contact forces, motor torques, all available during the simulation.
Multi core, parallelism from bottom up – Utilize your hardware with the multi-threaded design of AGX Dynamics.
Deformable terrain – Dig, compress, push and pile your dirt in your real time excavator simulator or deform the seabed with an anchor.
Nonsmooth discrete element method for large scale granular systems – Optimize your design with granular flow simulation.
Co-simulation with Matlab/Simulink – Connect AGX Dynamics to your existing simulations.
Co-simulation with FMI 1.0, FMI 2.0 with strong coupling* – Use the standard in co-simulation to connect AGX Dynamics to your simulation.
Particle systems – Simulate smoke or other particle effects within the same framework.
*Stay tuned!!

Uniform constraint formulation

No matter if it is wires, friction, motors, hydraulics or granular systems, it is all simulated within the same framework using constraints. Constraint modeling is very general in AGX Dynamics and built upon a framework of elementary and secondary constraints, and allows the user to modify, extend or create entirely new constraints. All constraints can have limits with realistic material parameters and compliance, and be driven by constraint motors.

Some of the constraints found in AGX Dynamics:

  • Ball and socket joint
  • Distance joint
  • Hinge
  • Universal
  • Lock
  • Prismatic
  • Cylindrical joint

Illustration of a ball and socket joint.

Lumped elements modelling

This video demonstrates the power of the constraint modelling paradigm together the the fast direct solver. A lumped element model with relaxed LockJoints give you an elastic model of a cable including bending, drag and torsion.


This video shows our wire simulation technologies in action. The wire simulations in AGX Dynamics are fast enough for demanding real time simulators and yet the models have high physical accuracy and are stable under extreme loads and mass ratios. Dynamic resolution which depends on load and curvature ensures stable simulations. Wires can be tuned to represent ropes, wires and chains with realistic material parameters including bend and stretch Young’s modulus.

The wire contains functionality such as:

  • Wires with detailed material specifications.
  • Delivers realistic and stable simulations, capable of handling extreme mass ratios.
  • Full interaction with the hydrodynamics model.
  • Winches with speed and tension control. Winches can also be driven with the hydraulic components.
  • Dynamic configuration during runtime: Wires can be cut/merged, objects can be attached/detached.
  • Wires interact with other objects using collision detection.
  • All forces are available during simulation for analysis.
  • Dynamic and user controlled resolution allow for large scalable scenarios with kilometers of wire.
  • A proven simulation component delivered in simulators around the globe
For more information see our offshore page.


Cables is a lumped element model which can be used for simulating hoses, electric cables or even stiff steel beams. It supports:

  • Full interaction with the simulation environment, including hydrodynamics.
  • Young’s modulus in stretch, bend and torsion
  • Fixed resolution
  • Cable can be attached to rigid bodies at any point along its length.
  • Efficient and smart routing algorithm
  • Initial state can be any configuration. For example a spring or just a straight line.

Video demonstrating the cable model being used to simulate a dresspack on an ABB robot.

Cable used for simulating a linear heave compensation system which try to keep the weight at a steady height even though the base is moving irregularly.

Vehicle simulators

When simulating complex heavy vehicles, accuracy and performance are important. AGX Dynamics direct solver delivers the speed and fidelity that you need to deliver world leading training simulators. The Power Train API to simulate motors, clutches, gear-boxes together with deformable terrain allow for complex and realistic vehicle models.
AGX Dynamics consists of everything you need to develop your training simulator:

  • Accurate direct solver for heavy vehicles such as excavators, cranes, wheel loaders etc.
  • Deformable terrain module. Dig, compress, push and pile your dirt in your real time excavator simulator or deform the seabed with an anchor.
  • Fast and accurate contact generation
  • Flexible and configurable frictional system for exact modelling of wheel/ground interaction.
  • Fast iterative solvers for large scale contact systems. (Rocks, logs, …)
  • Power Train API with clutches, motors, gears.
  • Hydraulics API.
  • Re-use your CAD models.
For more information see our Heavy equipment page.

Our role, your trust

  • Algoryx remains Software Vendor and Service Provider
  • We do NOT sell simulators
  • We sell enabling technology for simulators
  • We provide service
  • We do not compete with our simulator customers
  • We give fair access to core technologies to all customers
Excavator simulator

Digger simulation in AGX Dynamics with deformable terrain.


AGX Dynamics is the first real time physics engine integrated into a professional CAD environment. With Dynamics for SpaceClaim, AGX Dynamics has proven to be accurate enough to fit into the workflow of the modern engineering toolbox. Want to know more?

CAD to simulator


AGX Dynamics pipeline from CAD to training simulator.

AGX Dynamics is very strong in delivering dynamics simulations to simulators. By being part of the process from CAD to training simulator, models can be reused through out the process. Through the serialization mechanism in AGX Dynamics a CAD model in Dynamics for SpaceClaim with dynamic properties such as joints, motors, physical materials, mass, inertia tensor etc. can be instantly exported into a run-time environment.

Simulation in product development

Simulation is an important part of the whole product development process. By allowing more people to do early prototype simulations, early design errors are reduced. With AGX Dynamics integrated into your CAD environment, you can run mechanical simulations on your design, all the way from prototype stage through system engineering to marketing and training simulators.

For more information see CAD/CAE


Simulation driven product development.


The FMI standard allow different simulation tools to be used together in a heterogeneous simulation environment with a common interface.

AGX Dynamics supports FMI export, using our FMI generator tool, which automatically generates a model description XML file and builds the FMU archive.
We support co-simulation, with either version 1.0 or 2.0 of the FMI standard.


Unity3D is one of the world’s leading platforms for game development. It is also used for serious gaming, virtual reality and professional simulator development. If Unity3D is your preferred development platform and you need a professional physics engine, with industry grade simulation quality, then AGXUnity is your solution. AGXUnity comes with full source code, it integrates AGX Dynamics and Unity3D into a productive environment for developing simulators and simulation solutions. With the graphics quality and performance of Unity and the stability and exactness of our dynamics solution you will be able to develop realistic simulations using the real physical properties.
Want to know more?

Modelling wires in Unity3D

Modelling wires in Unity3D

Adding and editing shapes.

Adding and editing shapes.

Creating and configuring constraints.

Creating and configuring constraints.

Modelling and editing geometry properties.

Modelling and editing geometry properties.


Granular simulation

Large scale granular simulation

When handling materials such as iron pellets, medicine pills, rocks or other bulk materials, simulations can be a powerful tool for optimizing and increasing understanding of the process. AGX Dynamics offers powerful solutions for simulating granular and bulk material. Parallel computing and optimized data structures allows for fast and scalable simulations with millions of particles even on conventional desktop computers.

Features for simulating granular materials with AGX Dynamics:

  • A novel non-smooth DEM model for granular bodies with Hertzian contacts, dry friction, rolling resistance and adhesion.
  • Very fast due to extensive CPU parallelization.
  • Scalable simulations for large systems containing millions of particles thanks to optimized data structures and computing.
  • Easy modeling of conveyor system by assigning surface velocity to geometries.
  • Strong dynamic coupling with other rigid multi-body systems, e.g., vehicles, conveying systems.
  • Contact with external geometries of arbitrary shape, e.g., geometric primitives, trimesh, heightfield.
  • Journal system for recording simulation data, using a highly efficient native binary format, and also available as standard HDF5 archive for easy export to existing post-processing tools.
  • Basic post processing tools for visual analysis such as coloring particles according to velocity intervals.
Listen to what our customers think of AGX Dynamics .
The list of customers using AGX Dynamics is growing rapidly.

Oryx Simulations

“Thanks to the robust AGX Dynamics, our training simulators of cranes, drilling rigs, wheel loaders and excavators can run in real time with high precision, handling thousands of objects.”rami
/Rami Morssy, Director, System Development, Oryx Simulations

Algoryx provides Oryx Simulations with the core technology of AGX Dynamics which runs as the physics engine in Oryx simulators, contributing to create world class products for machine manufacturers and training organizations on the global market.

Oryx Simulations are experts in real-time simulations and work in close relationships with several machine manufactures around the world. This makes them a world leading provider of advanced simulators, developed and designed for operators training, and focusing on high performance and high pedagogical values in the training environment.

Read more about Oryx Simulations at:

Kongsberg Maritime

“Algoryx’s core solution, AGX Dynamics, delivers unprecedented simulation performance, quality and stability in our marine training simulators.”
/Erik Hovland, General Manager Simulation, Kongsberg Maritime AS

Kongsberg Maritime is one of the world premiere developer of offshore vessel simulators designed for education and procedure training of navigators and winch-operators of anchor-handling vessels.
Algoryx provides Kongsberg Maritime with the core technology of AGX Dynamics, running as the physics engine in their simulator solutions. AGX Dynamics enables Kongsberg Maritime to develop the world’s most advanced ship handling simulators, including complex anchor handling scenarios. These simulators utilize rigid body dynamics with contacts and constraints, as well as our adaptive wire models that enable high-fidelity real-time anchor and towing line simulations with real material parameters and realistic tension.
The Kongsberg Maritime simulators allow trainees to plan and carry out anchor handling operations on various systems, different type and size of winches and other anchor handling equipment. All systems simulated are used in situations where the anchor handling equipment and wires are affected by large forces and accurate dynamic behavior.
AGX Dynamics handles huge mass differences in complex scenarios, with scalable wires that can be several kilometers long. The simulated wires have full collision interaction with other geometries in the simulation, where one can get the forces from all types of objects simulated.

Read more about Kongsberg Maritime at:

Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre (SMSC)

“Our assessment, based on the world market, is that there is no better option for us than AGX Dynamics.”
/Thor Henning Amdahl, Development Manager, Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre AS

Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre AS (SMSC) is an innovative company with international recognition within real-time simulation of complex marine operations and simulator based training of ship officers and crane operators. The company’s focus areas are shuttle tank operations, crane- and lifting operations, dynamic positioning, arctic marine operations and on-board training systems. SMSC develops and maintains its own simulators that are also utilized for custom simulation projects within the company’s focus areas.
Read more about SMSC at:

Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag (LKAB)

“Thanks to the AGX Dynamics bulk material solution, we can rapidly test and evaluate different optimized designs for our pellet processes with great sucess.”kjell-ove
/Kjell-Ove Mickelsson, Senior Research Engineer, LKAB
“Using the AGX Dynamics bulk material solution has significantly increased our precision and effectiveness in designing and optimizing different parts of the pelletizing processes at LKAB. We are now able to perform rapid virtual experiments that previously could only be performed in practice, the latter usually very costly and time consuming.”stefan
/Stefan Rönnbäck, Senior Control Engineering Specialist, Optimation AB

Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag (LKAB) is a Swedish mining company, situated in Kiruna in northern Sweden, which is a world leading producer of processed iron ore products. Their production is sold to steelworks throughout the world from Europe to Africa and Asia.
Algoryx provides LKAB and their consultants with a solution including AGX Dynamics and Dynamics for SpaceClaim tailored for granular and bulk material simulation. It is used to simulate and optimize the construction of ball plants that are used for processing mined iron ore to pellets and sinter fines, where energy efficient increase of production is a very important priority.
Thanks to the integration with SpaceClaim, the workflow allows for directly working and modelling with the existing CAD-models of the ball plants.
A typical simulation of a ball plant process contains large systems that can scale up to several million particles. Thanks to the performance and scaling of AGX Dynamics, these simulations can be done substantially faster than any competing solution that we know of.

Read more about LKAB at: