Virtual Reality

Realtime physics for Virtual Reality

Physics simulation is an enabling technology for Virtual Reality (VR) and with AGX Dynamics, Algoryx provides the number one industry grade physics engine for VR applications.

In the past, users of VR applications have been limited to animation oriented game physics technologies that only provide crude approximations of the physics and often are useless for engineering. The software solutions from Algoryx enable use of engineering grade simulation quality in VR, for many types of application domains, such as robotics, maritime, automotive, robotics, complex machine systems, and even complex connected systems such as virtual factories, mines and process industries.

Algoryx’ physics engine AGX Dynamics has been integrated in more than a thousand advanced VR simulator systems around the world, and also into engineering tools used by tens of thousands of engineers.

Benefits of using Algoryx’s solutions for VR

  • Enable industry grade engineering simulations into your VR applications
  • Export models and simulations components directly from CAD to VR
  • Experience more realism and stability in the VR environment
  • Utilize intuitive and user friendly VR interaction models enabled by physics

How to get started

Our customers and partners build VR applications in many different ways using many different software environments. AGX Dynamics can be integrated with any other software tool for VR.
One efficient workflow is to model systems in Algoryx Momentum, and then export models to a runtime environment based on Unity and AGX Dynamics.

How to contribute

At github you can find a project, AGXUnity which allow you to utilize Unity3D and AGXDynamics together to build complete applications. Best of all, it comes with full source code. If you are missing a feature, just add it your self. If you think it should be incorporated into the project, just make a merge request and we can all make it a better project together.


This video shows an easy-to-use and yet powerful workflow from modeling in Algoryx Momentum to a runtime environment based on AGX Dynamics and Unity.