Non-confidential tech demos made available for critical offshore handling

Algoryx announced today that many new clients are asking for non-confidential tech demos of robust and reliable simulations for both simulator training and engineering applications.

Therefore we created these three tech demos;

i) Demo showing AGX Dynamics with chain constraints used in a critical winch and roller example. Where offshore cranes tend to include very heavy objects.

Where extreme mass differences (ratios) works just fine, no problems at all. This is possible since Algoryx has researched and developed their own Direct solver, Block sparse solver, Matrix solver, where the solvers have the same precision as the machine it runs on, around 1.0E-16 for double precision.This makes it possible to simulate even unrealistic system where one for example attach a 9 000 000 000 (9 billion) kg object to a wire with the radius of a hair (~10 micrometer) – weighing only some milligrams.

The developed Direct solver is also optimized to handle large systems – making it possible to e.g. simulate a ship having 16,8 km long wires attached to it – in real-time.

ii) Demo showing AGX Dynamics used in a simple offshore crane simulator.

Here AGX simulates fully dynamic wires. The material properties of wires are simulated to high fidelity, with accurate models for elasticity and tension. Wires can be attached to objects, and collide dynamically with all other geometry including other wires. The crane is modeled using multibody dynamics, and built out of several elements so that it also has the correct elasticity. The crane is placed on a big floating platform, so this is actually a ship crane to ship model. Sorry for the somewhat poor graphics. The demo was made just to visualize AGX strengths in real-time-simulation.

iii) Demo showing AGX Dynamics used for buoyancy as the upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of any immersed object.


These are three demos of the Swedish physics simulation solution AGX Dynamics, as the world’s fastest and most robust physics engine for professional use. Which handles huge mass differences and very scalable wires that may be several kilometers long.
The robust wires have full collision interaction with other geometries in the simulation.
One can get the forces from all types of objects simulated.

The wires supports dynamic resolution and also supports wire-wire interaction.