Oil and Gas industry confirms need of Algoryx for CAD injection, and wire simulation

Algoryx announced today that clients within the global Oil and Gas engineering industry tend to express a true need for better ways to “inject CAD models rapidly and accurate into new simulations scenarios”, and “create robust simulations of wires and cables”, to get different dynamic behavior simulated fast and accurate, both in realtime and in high fidelity scenarios.

Therefore Algoryx is proud to present an engineering tool chain, which is a result generated by Algoryx in the Swedish research program in simulation driven innovation, called Simovate

Based on this research and industrial demands Algoryx today offers a pretty novel tool chain for integration of CAD with multibody dynamics and simulator runtime environents. With the ambition to provide a fully integrated pipeline for engineering simulations, and simulators.

The product released is called ”Dynamics for SpaceClaim by Algoryx”, which includes AGX integrated in SpaceClaim Engineer, the fastest growing 3D CAD solution on the market, created by the founders of PTC and SolidWorks, that also integrates perfectly in parallell with all other CAD systems