Contract of AGX Dynamics for delivery of 120 simulators

Umeå, Sweden, April 4, 2014
Algoryx Simulation, the leading global provider of interactive physics simulation solutions, announced today that Oryx Simulations, an international provider of training simulators of heavy-machine operators for cargo, forestry, mining and construction equipment, has placed an order of AGX Dynamics licenses for delivery of another 120 world-class simulators.

Algoryx provides Oryx with the core technology of AGX Dynamics which is the physics engine in Oryx simulators, contributing to create world class products for machine manufacturers and training organizations on the international market. This makes Oryx a world leading provider of industry grade simulators in terms of performance, fidelity and high pedagogical values in the training environment.

-Thanks to the robust AGX Dynamics, our training simulators of cranes, drilling rigs, wheel loaders and excavators can run in real time with high precision, handling thousands of objects. – Rami Morssy, Director of System Development at Oryx

Algoryx is proud to mention the internally developed direct high precision solver embedded in AGX Dynamics which provides the speed and fidelity that Oryx needs to deliver world leading training and marketing simulators.

About Algoryx Simulation

Algoryx was established in 2007 and has quickly positioned itself as a leading provider of industrial-grade real-time physics simulation to the global training simulator market. Algoryx’ history goes back much further however, to the mid 90’s when the founders of Algoryx created the very first human-in-the-loop-simulators for heavy ground vehicles utilizing real-time physics simulation fully integrated with 3D graphics. This was also when the term “physics engine” was coined for the software framework that encapsulates these technologies. AgX Dynamics is today the leading real-time physics engine for the global simulator and simulation market, in particular for the off-shore, maritime, automotive, robotics, and mining markets. More recently, Algoryx has also entered the CAD/CAE market and now also provides interactive physics to engineers and designers.
Partners and clients include e.g. Kongsberg Maritime, Rheinmetall, Oryx Simulations, Kongsberg GlobalSim, ANSYS SpaceClaim, MacGregor Cranes, Subsea 7, Aker Solutions, Cargotec, DRDC Canada, Atlas Copco, Volvo CE, Volvo GTT, ABB Cranes, ABB Robotics, KUKA Robotics, Siemens PLM, Daewoo DSME, Heerema HMC, Komatsu, LKAB, OSC, SMSC, NTNU, Tree C Technologies, VSTEP, MARIN, AIST, Cameron OneSubsea, Fugro Intersite, SimSea, Soil Machine Dynamics SMD, and SEA. For more information about Algoryx, please visit:

About Oryx Simulations

Since 1999, Oryx has been developing world-class simulators for heavy machines used in construction, forestry, mining and cargo. Our simulators make training courses more effective and quickly become an indispensable part of training new operators. They help your business to increase its productivity and improve safety, while also reducing environmental impact and the wear and tear on your machines. All training is carried out in a highly realistic environment that allows trainees to feel how the machine pitches and shakes. After completing the exercises, operators are ready to use their knowledge in real-life situations and to handle real machines well. For more information about Oryx, please visit: