Physics simulation from Algoryx shapes the future of robotics at ABB

Algoryx has signed a multi year software license agreement with ABB. ABB Robotics in Västerås, Sweden, has integrated AGX Dynamics into their simulation environment and will be using solutions from Algoryx for research and development.

Computer simulations are crucial to ABB Robotics. To stay ahead of the competition in industrial robotics ABB has integrated AGX Dynamics from Algoryx into their simulators. This will allow ABB to study, test, and improve robot systems with complex contact mechanics and flexible materials which also enable simulation of co-robotic systems and compliant robots designed to interact safely with humans. Furthermore, the simulations can be used to train machine learning motion controllers.

Simulations can act as a direct replacement for experiments and this makes the ABB engineers much more efficient, in particular when working on new robot concepts that haven’t been built yet.

“We see that physics based simulation now not only is an alternative way to develop products, but rather a necessity if you want to be competitive,”

Kenneth Bodin, CEO and co-founder of Algoryx

ABB has already integrated AGX Dynamics into ABB RobotStudio, giving the automation engineers that do off-line programming in RobotStudio access to high fidelity physics simulation of conveyor belts, material handling, dress packs and virtual reality interaction.

Thus, simulation technologies from Algoryx now support ABB Robotics all the way from basic research and engineering to real world industrial solutions on the factory floor.

About Algoryx and AGX Dynamics

Algoryx is a global market leader in industrial-grade real-time physics simulations for human-in-the-loop operator training, for engineering applications, and for virtual product development and design. Algoryx provides solutions to a wide range of markets including automotive, cranes, heavy equipment, off-road vehicles, automation and robotics, off-shore and maritime, bulk material handling and mining. Algoryx was established in 2007 and has its headquarters in Umeå, Sweden. AGX Dynamics from Algoryx enables entirely new business areas and use patterns for simulation, in particular when addressing the challenges of digitalization and machine learning.

Algoryx is a member of SynerLeap, an innovation growth hub in close conjunction with ABB Corporate Research.

Kenneth Bodin, Algoryx
Mobile: +46-70-6315520