Algoryx hires engineer Viktor Knutsson

Viktor recently came from Tieto where he has been working as a software developer. He started his new position at Algoryx in 2019-09-01.

Welcome Viktor!

How does it feel to start working on Algoryx?
Feels great! I have wanted to work at Algoryx for a long time.

What made you apply for this particular job?
I actually already knew about Algoryx and had a pretty good idea of what you do. My interest for physics simulations grew early during my studies at Umeå University when attending courses about the subject. I felt that this might be something I would like to work with in the future.

What do you do in your spare time?
When I’m not working, I prefer to spend time with family, my partner and my two year old son. My partner and I are both into mountain biking and I train and compete on a national level. I also enjoy playing board games with friends every now and then. I would say that Carcassonne is my favorite board game if I have to pick one.

How would you describe yourself?
If I choose a few keywords, it have to say curious, analytical and dedicated.

What will be your main duties at Algoryx?
I will be working with the new terrain module that is about to be released, my first assignment will be to finalize the tutorials for the terrain module. The tutorials are basically python scripts that show how to use the agxTerrain module by demonstrating a number of features. Customers can then look at the scripts to learn how to use the agxTerrain API and even copy some code snippets. In parallel with that I am also studying the theory behind the dynamic terrain simulation.

What expectations do you have on your new job as an engineer at Algoryx?
I expect to be able to work quite freely, have close contact with colleagues to easily ask them if I need to.

We are looking for more people

Algoryx is growing and are right now hiring both software developers and cloud developer to expand the company further. Read more about the jobb applications specifications here and how to apply here: Software developers

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