Algoryx teams up with Onshape for interactive simulations in the cloud

Algoryx has entered a collaboration with Onshape for providing interactive cloud based physics simulations based on AGX Dynamics to engineers and 3D CAD users.


The much awaited public beta of Onshape’s web and cloud based CAD solution was unveiled today and promises a number of benefits over traditional solutions, such as:

  • Onshape is the first full-cloud 3D CAD system. It runs in a web browser and on any mobile device.
  • Onshape uses cloud-native Documents, not files.
  • You create parts in Onshape Part Studios and can have as many Part Studios as you need in a single Document.
  • Onshape Assemblies use a new, simplified approach to mating parts.
  • Onshape changes the way you collaborate. You can instantly share Documents and simultaneously work with your peers.
  • Onshape streamlines data management with built-in version control.

AGX Dynamics is a multi-purpose physics simulation engine for CAE, real-time simulators and cloud based simulation. It is built upon a solid foundation of original scientific research, including discrete variational and physics based time integration methods for constrained non-smooth systems, parallel high performance hybrid solvers and novel multi-physics models. When integrated with 3D CAD it takes engineering simulation to a whole new level of interactivity, usability and creativity.
Features and benefits include:

  • Multibody dynamics for complex jointed systems with dry frictional contacts and automatic on-the-fly contact detection
  • Multiphysics capability for cables, wires, elastic beams, granulates, hydraulics, hydrodynamics, powerlines, tires and terrain
  • Interactive performance with high accuracy even for large systems, and scales to millions of degrees of freedom
  • Easily resolves extreme mass ratios, kinematic loops and ill conditioned systems
  • Simulate everyting from machine mechanisms to complex robots, vehicles, ships, cranes and much more

For further information visit: and or contact Algoryx CEO, Kenneth Bodin, +46-70-6315520.

About Algoryx Simulation
Algoryx was established in 2007 and has quickly positioned itself as a leading provider of industrial-grade real-time physics simulation to the global training simulator market. Algoryx’ history goes back much further however, to the mid 90’s when the founders of Algoryx created the very first human-in-the-loop-simulators for heavy ground vehicles utilizing real-time physics simulation fully integrated with 3D graphics. This was also when the term “physics engine” was coined for the software framework that encapsulates these technologies. AGX Dynamics is today the leading real-time physics engine for the global simulator and simulation market, in particular for the off-shore, maritime, automotive, robotics, and mining markets. More recently, Algoryx has also entered the CAD/CAE market and now also provides interactive physics to engineers and designers.

Partners and clients include e.g. Kongsberg Maritime, Rheinmetall, Oryx Simulations, Kongsberg GlobalSim, ANSYS SpaceClaim, MacGregor Cranes, Subsea 7, Aker Solutions, Cargotec, DRDC Canada, Atlas Copco, Volvo CE, Volvo GTT, ABB Cranes, ABB Robotics, KUKA Robotics, Siemens PLM, Daewoo DSME, Heerema HMC, Komatsu, LKAB, OSC, SMSC, NTNU, Tree C Technologies, VSTEP, MARIN, AIST, Cameron OneSubsea, Fugro Intersite, SimSea, Soil Machine Dynamics SMD, and SEA.

For further information visit: and
or contact Algoryx CEO, Kenneth Bodin, +46-70-6315520.