Dynamics for SpaceClaim new features


Master complexity with superior dexterity

Since the last release of Dynamics for SpaceClaim we have received a lot of feedback from our users and many of them wanted better support for big and complex models. In the new version 1.3 we have made big speed-up improvements and added a couple of new features that will make working with large and complex models a lot easier and faster. The new tool, Color By Body, assigns a different color to each Rigid Body to help separate them visually, and the new grouping feature makes it a walk in the park to keep the Simulation Structure organized. We also now support KeyShot materials and have greatly improved the collision detection.

Dynamics for SpaceClaim

  • Patch release. This version requires SpaceClaim 2014SP2.
  • Fixed a problem with loading the add-in on 32-bit Windows.
  • Exporting a plot to CSV now uses the journal frequency to determine how many data points should be exported.
  • Fixed a problem that some old documents with dynamics could not be loaded correctly.
  • Increased the default value of max diameter difference from 2% to 3% in Detect Joints Options.


  • Minor release. This version requires SpaceClaim 2014SP2.
  • Introducing Groups and Color By Body for efficient modeling of large models.
  • Many performance improvements.
  • Improvements in collision detection system for more stable mesh-mesh contacts.
  • Chinese translation for the user interface text.
  • KeyShot export now supports KeyShot materials.
  • Added select all solids/components command in Simulation Structure.
  • Fixed issue with frequent license checks.
  • Simulation structure selection/highlighting is improved.
  • Stability fixes
  • Better validation of input parameters.
  • Mass property calculation can be disabled for solids.