8 out of 9 leading offshore suppliers run AGX Dynamics

The Swedish core technology AGX Dynamics sets the standard within global offshore industry.


Umeå, Sweden, May 21, 2014

One of the biggest marine contractor within the offshore industry, recently completed its tender proposal for the establishment of a new simulator center. The tender includes a huge multi-year project to be outsourced to the world leading offshore simulator suppliers.
The global marine contractor chose 9 preferred suppliers, which were requested for further information. Among these simulator suppliers, 8 companies confirmed the engineering value in AGX Dynamics, as the core technology for offshore simulations.

– Hereby the Algoryx technology is confirmed by 89% of the world-leading offshore simulator suppliers, says Johan Hedengran, Sales Executive Algoryx

The Swedish company Algoryx is humble and grateful for the market’s confidence in AGX Dynamics, confirmed by a demanding oil and gas industry known for its risk assessment, engineering requirements, regulations, and certifications. This indicates that AGX Dynamics sets the standard within industrial offshore applications requiring accurate physics simulation for engineering purposes.

About Algoryx Simulation

Algoryx was established in 2007 and has quickly positioned itself as a leading provider of industrial-grade real-time physics simulation to the global training simulator market. Algoryx’ history goes back much further however, to the mid 90’s when the founders of Algoryx created the very first human-in-the-loop-simulators for heavy ground vehicles utilizing real-time physics simulation fully integrated with 3D graphics. This was also when the term “physics engine” was coined for the software framework that encapsulates these technologies. AGX Dynamics is today the leading real-time physics engine for the global simulator and simulation market, in particular for the offshore, maritime, automotive, robotics, and mining markets. More recently, Algoryx has also entered the CAD/CAE market and now also provides interactive physics to engineers and designers.

Partners and clients include e.g. Kongsberg Maritime, Oryx Simulations, Kongsberg GlobalSim, SEA, SMSC, Tree C Technologies, OSC, SpaceClaim, MacGregor Cranes, Cargotec, DRD Canada, Atlas Copco, Volvo CE, Volvo GTT, ABB Cranes, ABB Robotics, Siemens PLM, Daewoo DSME, Komatsu, LKAB, NTNU, and AIST.