Algoryx at ECCOMAS Particles 2017 in Hannover

Algoryx is attending the international conference Particles 2017 in Hannover where new development and findings regarding particle-based simulation are disseminated. Three talks were given that involve granular modeling using AGX Dynamics. 

The V International Conference on Particle-Based Methods (PARTICLES 2017) is an ECCOMAS Thematic Conference held in Hannover, Germany, during 26 – 28 September 2017. It gathers 350 scientists and engineers from 36 different countries, giving 3oo talks and discussing the state-of-art computational techniques for particulate and granular materials, particle-based discretization of continua and their applications in industry and applied sciences.

Among the attendees are Tomas Berglund, senior R&D engineer at Algoryx, and Martin Servin, associate professor at Umeå University and senior principal scientist at Algoryx. Tomas is presenting “Impact force analysis with the nonsmooth discrete element method”. Martin presents “Computational modeling of flow and size segregation in stockpiles”.

Dr. Klaus Thoeni explaining the need for haul truck safety berms that are simulated using AGX Dynamics.

Also, Klaus Thoeni from University of Newcastle in Australia, is presenting “Using non-smooth multi-domain dynamics to improve the safety on haul roads in surface mining” where AGX Dynamics is used to study ultra-class mining haul trucks crashing into granular safety berms in order to understand what size and shape to give the berms to create safe truck roads.

– The conference is a great place for inspiration to new computational techniques and learn all the different flavors of applications. The application areas here range between additive manufacturing, tsunami prevention, crushing and milling, cell and tissues, pharmaceutical manufacturing, railway ballast and chewing of food, says Martin Servin.

Tomas Berglund and Martin Servin at the conference banquette at Maharajh palace in Zoo Hannover.
Tomas Berglund and Martin Servin at the conference banquette at Maharajh palace in Zoo Hannover.