Grasping, solving and testing – Meet our summer interns!

Sabina Andersson, Henrik Despaigne and Noah Mannberg

Sabina, Henrik and Noah are students that will spend parts of their summer on internships and summer jobs at Algoryx. 

Sabina Andersson is just finishing her studies at Umeå university and will soon receive a MSc degree in Engineering Physics. She did her thesis at Algoryx with the title “Simulation challenges in robotic grasping” and will continue working on these topics over the summer. 

Henrik Despaigne studies Computing Science at Umeå university and also did his MSc thesis at Algoryx. The topic was in fast iterative solvers for physics simulations and he will continue his work on numerical methods over the summer.

Noah Mannberg studies Computer Technology and just finished his third year at KTH. Over the summer, he’s working on automated testing of Algoryx’ software and simulation technologies.