Sofi and Urban from Algoryx visit 8:th graders in the school Storsjöskolan

It’s important to get more young people and especially girls to apply for technical education. One way to raise their interest is to talk to them about what such an education path could lead to. Therefore Algoryx visited a school in Holmsund, Umeå to talk about what Algoryx does and about the companies we work with around the world.

Sofi talked about why she chose the MSc Engineering Physics program, what an engineer does and what she does today focusing mainly on her work within the AI field. For example how do you set up machine learning in a simulation, and also how good physics, which is Algoryx’s area of expertise, affects the results.

There was a lot of interest and questions within this topic during the visit.  “It is very fun to see young people interested in modern technology”, says Sofi Backman.

“It’s especially important to young girls interested in this area”, says Urban Wikman. “I’m very glad that Algoryx can contribute to more diversity.”

Hopefully there will be more visits like this to other schools in the future!