AGX Dynamics is now available

A new major release release of AGX Dynamics is now available for download for all of our licensed customers.
This release is the last major release that support Visual Studio 2013.
In addition to a lot of stability and performance improvements it also has some new cool features:

  • A new secondary constraint agx::FrictionController allow for simulating friction in a Hinge, Prismatic or Cylindrical constraint based on the load/normal force of the constraint.
  • agxCollide::Geometry::setSensor now has an additional argument (default true) which indicates if the Sensor will be used to generate detailed contact data or just true/false queries. This can save a lot of CPU resources if only a true/false overlap test is needed.
    agxOSG::createVisual(agx::ObserverFrame *) can be used for creating a visual representation of an ObserverFrame
  • A new class agxDriveTrain::CombustionEngine for simulating a combustion engine is now available.