Algoryx and VSTEP to deliver leading physics for Rolls-Royce and CAE

Algoryx Simulation AB and VSTEP are proud to deliver world-leading physics and dynamics to the R&D team of Rolls-Royce Marine, and to the simulation company

The AGX Dynamics technology has been popular for a quite long time within marine, maritime and offshore industry. With help from AGX Dynamics, VSTEP can offer their end-users a next generation of interactive realtime 3D physics simulation based on the Law of Nature. Where improved physics tend to add real competitive advantages and end-user values.

AGX Dynamics, performing high-fidelity realtime physics simulations, helps VSTEP and end-users to carry out advanced simulations of critical operations and development projects. The simulated ships, wires, cranes, floating objects can collide with all other parts (as rigid bodies and wires) like in the real world and therefore many mistakes can be avoided before going into real production in the plant, or as a crucial operation out on the sea.

”We believe that this collaboration between Algoryx and VSTEP will make engineering graded simulation technology even more important in the development of mechanical products, in particular on markets such as automotive industry, vehicle, robotics and maritime”

Kenneth Bodin, CEO and co-founder of Algoryx


VSTEP utilizes AGX Dynamics by Algoryx inside VSTEP’s simulation product “NAUTIS 3”. Here AGX Dynamics is utilized for a number of simulation functions. The AGX physics engine adds physics of vessel-, on-vessel collisions, realistic behavior of sailing forces, and real tension in wires used for the towing and mooring of vessels. Most importantly, AGX Dynamics contributes to the realistic water behavior of NAUTIS 3. Algoryx supply its physics engine AGX Dynamics to VSTEP for the development and delivery of many prominent projects. Examples include how to make safe autonomous shipping a reality by Captain AI R&D, and the recent delivery to the Royal Bahamas for the ongoing CAE project, which is VSTEP’s largest project yet.

Steve Claes is a Hydrodynamics Engineer at VSTEP. His expertise is used to guide the process of integrating AGX Dynamics into NAUTIS 3. He is continuously refining the accuracy of the simulation, which gives him a good understanding of AGX Dynamics and its advantages.
“It is no exaggeration to say that AGX Dynamics by Algoryx plays a significant role in providing a realistic and high-quality maritime training experience to VSTEP’s customers. The AGX technology has given us the tools to push the boundaries of realism in maritime simulation”, says Steve Claes, Hydrodynamics Engineer at VSTEP.

Steve Claes, VSTEP
Hydrodynamics Engineer
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The Netherlands
Phone: +31-10-2014520

About Algoryx and AGX Dynamics

Algoryx is a global market leader in industrial-grade real-time physics simulations for human-in-the-loop operator training, for engineering applications, and for virtual product development and design. Algoryx provides solutions to a wide range of markets including automotive, cranes, heavy equipment, off-road vehicles, automation and robotics, off-shore and maritime, bulk material handling and mining. Algoryx was established in 2007 and has its headquarters in Umeå, Sweden. AGX Dynamics from Algoryx enables entirely new business areas and use patterns for simulation, in particular when addressing the challenges of digitalization and machine learning.

Kenneth Bodin, Algoryx
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