World Robot Forum 2018 Tokyo Japan

World Robot Expo and World Robot Forum Tokyo Japan 2018 is a large and vibrant scene for the robotics community. 17th through 21st of October thousands of companies, researchers and customers will experience the latest technologies in the Expo. Algoryx is well represented through Anders Backman, Chief Technical Officer and Claude Lacoursière, Chief Scientist.

AGX Dynamics, the flagship product of Algoryx Simulation will also be used in the Disaster Robotics Category of the World Robot Challenge. AGX Dynamics is integrated into Choreonoid, a software developed at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Japan. This robotics simulation software is used as the competition platform where the competitors will try to solve a number of complicated tasks related to disaster events.
AGX Dynamics was chosen for its stability, performance and accuracy in robotics simulation.

If you want to meet us at the event, just send us a message. See you there!
/Anders, Claude