AGX Dynamics is now available

A new major release release of AGX Dynamics is now available for download for all of our licensed customers. A new version of AGX Dynamics is now available:


  • Python 3.7.6 is now the required Python version when using the AGX API with Python.
  • Required python libraries is now an optional installation.
  • ROS2 supported using the Python API (in Windows only). See data/pyton/ROS2 for examples. Also see documentation in the user manual.
  • agx::SplineJoint replaces PathFollowerJoint for constraining a body to a spline curve.
  • Now using OpenSceneGraph 3.6.4


  • New wheel loader available: DL300, see agxTerrain/wheel_loader scripts
  • Added torque driven winch example: torque_driven_winch.agxPy

Fixes (since

  • AGX now builds in strict c++-17 language mode.
  • Various agxTerrain fixes. Improvement for calculating aggregate masses.
  • Improvements to the Quadratic collider (Hollow cylinder/cone).
  • Using std::threads in favour of OpenThreads.
  • Bug fixes in agxVehicle::Track regarding contact reduction.
  • Fixes/Updates in user manual for agxTerrain.
  • Fix for tesselation bug in agxHydrodynamics library.
  • Improved performance of “debug rendering” in agxViewer.