Algoryx awarded second Epic MegaGrant for industry grade physics in Unreal Engine

We are proud to announce that Algoryx has been awarded yet another MegaGrant from Epic Games for implementation of industry grade physics simulation in Unreal Engine. The grant amounts to $100k and will co-fund Algoryx’ integration of AGX Dynamics into Unreal, now with particular focus on combining high performance realtime graphics with high fidelity physics simulation.

AGX Dynamics is a software development kit for modeling and simulation of mechanical systems with contacts and friction. With rigid bodies, joints, motors, automatic contact detection and reduction, and multidomain modeling such as hydrodynamics, hydraulics and more, the possibilities are broad. It delivers high fidelity, stability, and speed to spare for real-time applications. It’s both an engineering tool and a “physics engine” for interactive 3D and VR and . Application areas are found in robotics, aerospace, vehicles and heavy machines, maritime and mining. In particular, the combination of AGX Dynamics and Unreal Engine results in both ultra realistic graphics and physics, and the platform is a game changer for synthesizing data for machine learning.

Stay tuned for demos and updates!

Below is a preview of Unreal Engine 5. Imagine this remarkable level of realism soon available also for engineering simulation!