Algoryx Momentum 2.0.4 new features

Release notes


  • Optimization for plots
  • Optimization for large scenes
  • No longer uses inertia from surfaces


  • Fix for crasch when adding groups already belonging to a sub group (recursion)
  • Added warning when loading Momentum documents from more recent versions


  • Bugfix for script API when accessing bodies via Joints (joint.getBody())
  • Bugfix for plotting impacts in contact forces
  • Bugfix for invalid contact normals
  • Stability fix for plotting of removed objects
  • Fixed: Tesselation of geometry was not updated when rendering tesselation level was changed.
  • Display current time with more decimals for short time steps

2.0.1 new features:

  • Python scripting – for controlling and analyzing simulations using Python.
  • Observer – for creating measurement coordinate systems.
  • Plotting of contact forces.
  • Collision group settings – allows for explicit disabling of contact generation.
  • Many optimizations on solver level improving simulation performance.
  • Various stability fixes