Dynamics for SpaceClaim 1.4 new features

Dynamics for SpaceClaim 1.4 is here with new features that will help you become more efficient and fast when simulating your models. The focus of this release has been on improving the usability as well as speed up improvements.

New features

  • Introducing Color by Material and Color by Motion control
  • Added Direct friction model for materials for high quality friction calculation together with a new exceptionally robust contact solver with higher precision. This allows for very realistic grasping simulation with perfectly dry friction.
  • Automatic calculation of damping for MaterialPairs based on currently set simulation frequency for more stable simulations.
  • Automatic calculation of damping for joints (smaller time step will result in less damping -> higher accuracy)
  • Introducing Merge tool for more efficient merge operations of models
  • Added Keyboard shortcuts
  • Added Reset Violation for joints to make joints non-violated


  • Pressing New initial state will now retain all joints current state, meaning that a violated joint will continue to be violated.
  • Selecting multiple bodies will show the combined center of mass
  • Many performance improvements.
  • New default value for friction=0.15 (previous 0)
  • New default value for YoungsModulus=1E11 (previous 1E10)
  • Semantic change in how split works: now split creates a body for each selected component.
  • Bug fix for initial state and joints (joints retain their violation/parameters at New Initial State).
  • Fixed a problem with joint elasticity between a single body and the world. Old scenes which make use of this needs to be re-created. It now should follow the rendering, instead of following other axes.
  • Minor update of playback window with Speed now moved from Simulation Settings.
  • >1000 improvements in underlying solver technology